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I am a S.A.H.M (stay.at.home.mom) of four babes. I live in West Virginia, in the beautiful mountain state! I love reading to learn, writing, hiking, swimming, vacation time, and I have a fire in my belly for doing just about anything that revolves around creativity. I hope to use my blog as a creative outlet, as a way to help others that may be trotting along on similar paths I’ve explored/ experienced and to create a safe zone for parents to feel welcome and to talk about problems they may be facing. This will be a No Judging environment. We all need a support system, a place we can go to vent or ask questions and get things off our chest. A place we can talk about mistakes and the heavy things that weigh us down without the fear of someone judging us. I want this to be that comforting place. Perfect parenting is not real and I know a lot of parents that have plenty of mistakes and accidents under their belt. It’s ok, it’s normal, and sometimes we need to talk about it. Why not tell other people about our own misfortunes and mistakes? Why not help other people learn about these things before they happen to them. I am not pointing to anything in particular and it doesn’t even have to be a necessity on this blog. I just want it to be known that it will be welcomed and acknowledged if someone is willing to speak up. I know I will be. Emotions and behaviors are two very important aspects of life. Many people don’t realize that we can learn to control these and make changes for the better. I hope to provide snippets of information through my own experiences and research I have conducted for my own sake along my path of self-discovery. I have confidence that my information, along with the community I will build here, will be much help in the lives of others that feel alone, that feel discouraged, and that feel passionate in their heart and soul about figuring out what their more is in life. Raising children doesn’t and shouldn’t be the only thing we strive for. Strive for more so our child/ren can witness the possibilities and believe in being able to chase their goals and dreams in their future, too. This has been my most recent learning experience, and it has been an eye-opening and life-changing and I want to share my journey with YOU!
Please share yours with me.

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