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Awareness Is The First Step

Awareness is the first step in so many life altering choices we must make. Awareness, as it relates to changing your limitations in life and using your problem areas as opportunities, is a great topic to discuss when changing your mindset to accomplish great even the smallest of life changes.

One Day A Year

As a parent, most likely, you have children using you as a jungle gym day in and day out. When do you get time away from them? When do you spend more than the hours of a work day away from them? If you are a stay at home parent when does this time occur for you? This is just a small example of what I get to do once a year and how I feel about it. Can you relate? Do you wish you could? Let me know.

The Beginner’s Guide To Self-Care in 2019

Self-care is so crucial to our lives. It is the most important aspect of creating a manageable life that we learn to appreciate and grow with. I have a ton, and I mean a ton, of personal examples and explanations on self-care here, as well as tips and tricks to utilize this special part of your personal life!


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