My Intentions For This Tribe

This is how I feel about my site and the community I am building. I hope it gives you an idea of what to expect from. I like adding articles like this so I can be open and not have to focus on one single topic. These give you glimpses into my personality and who I am in my daily life. I will speak here, funny and open with a sense of humor, just as I do at home.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child! I can’t wait to see all of the ways we can help each other and build our Tribe! We all need support as a parent.  Some parents need an outlet, some need a friend, and some need to find support in various ways. My plan! To create support for parents in as many ways possible and to build long-lasting, trustworthy relationships! These are my Intentions For This Tribe!

My Intentions for This Tribe is for parents to come together and form the specific “Village” that we need with all of the support, love, and motivation to keep moving forward in our pursuit of success and happiness within the family.

Another Intention I have for This Tribe is to educate myself as much as I can and give you as much information, tools, and resources that I can to help you on your path and journey. My most exciting intention for the Tribe is getting feedback from you and finding out specifically what it is that you need in your life and then recreating that so that others can use it as well in another area of their life! Keeping the process going and the support system open in every way I can by making everything available in more than one area of life!

I want to help you do something special. I was completely unaware of this amazing life choice/change that I had subconsciously made until the day my therapist pointed this crucial, life altering, fact out to me. I had broken the cycle of a variety of negative family “traditions” that I no longer wanted to be a part of. This has been such an eye opener within my own lifestyle that I decided to tell the world about this opportunity. This is, in fact, a life-changing opportunity that we all have within ourselves. >>>Building a family foundation and choosing our own values for our children to grasp on to and carry with them into their own journey of success and happiness within their future family.<<< It is possible to break the cycle of a family foundation that has impacted you negatively in your life as an adult. It is possible to recreate the perfect foundations and values that you believe is required to live a successful and happy lifestyle starting now! 

When I talk about “foundations” what am I refering to? This, in all honesty, refers to many a number of things. In my article “8 Foundations Of A Happy Healthy Life (With Kids)” I share with you a few of the “foundations” in my life that have had an impact on me as a parent. As you will see, many, if not all of them stem from childhood.

Just a small disclaimer here>>>This is not an excuse to take advantage of. I have seen this happen with quite a few people. “I am the way that I am today because of the way that I was raised”. No, no, NO…what you are really saying when this, or something similar, comes out of your mouth is this: “I have limited myself. I have a fixed-mindset. I was raised this way and this is all that I know; I don’t want to take the steps that I need to take to better my life, to better myself. I am okay with being stuck right where I am because I am scared of change and I don’t want to leave my comfort zone.” I could keep the list going but… I won’t. 

Another very important article I would like to share here is “Awareness Is The First Step”. It goes right along with the “8 Foundations” article and the mission behind founding this Tribe and creating an environment where parents can come together to help each other and share wisdom and knowledge that comes from experience and trial & error. 


You can either be the Momma Bear (or Daddy Bear) that stares out the window daydreaming about possibilities OR you can stare out the window, full of worry, traumatizing yourself with “what-if’s”. It’s your choice. Choose, before someone else chooses for you.

This is a community of parents FOR parents. “It takes a village to raise a child” and this community is a Tribe! There will never be enough support for parents reaching out to find advice or a place to go for support. Sometimes all we need is to vent a little and we can’t always do that in our environment or household. We hold all of our troubles and worries deep down inside. We keep our dreams and our goals a secret, for fear of becoming a burden to someone else; fear that someone won’t believe in us. The last thing we need, after everything we do, everything we sacrifice, is to beat ourselves down more.

Why not stand up and take charge of our lives? Why not go after that goal or dream that we have been lying to ourselves about? We use excuses like, “Oh, I’ll start that once my kids get older”, or, “I’ll start that project once the kids are back in school”. How about this one, “I’m too depressed and anxious to work on this/ that right now”. These are excuses we tell ourselves so that we feel better. What is the real reason we don’t tackle our dreams and goals? Fear of failure? Fear of having to fall on our faces? Encouragement, motivation, accountability, and inspiration are all areas of impact that I will strive to work toward in every one of my Intentions for this Tribe!

Listen, most of the time we will have to fall on our faces, many times, and then get back up and learn from the mistake we made and guess what…try it again. This community is the first real goal that I have taken on without letting my fears hold me back or worrying about what someone else might think about it.

I didn’t tell anyone about it until I already had it up and in the process of adding content because I didn’t want the slightest bit of negativity to enter my mind and contaminate what I knew was right for me. Of course, I told people what they needed to know in order to make it known that I was doing something that was important to me. I was researching and studying about a goal I had, but I never told anyone what the goal was, not specifically, and not until just recently. Sometimes this is what you need to do in order to figure out the mess of ideas you have in your head…before you start getting criticism and feedback from others.

Some of my fears involved what people would think of me through the internet and social media. I was in fear that my content wouldn’t be worth anything, that people would be rude and throw “hate comment stones” at me, and that I would be the laughing stock of the world wide web because little ole’ me thought I could do something worth someone else’s time. This is not usually the type of thing I find myself worrying about and I had to let all of that go. I do what I want when I want because fear is something I conquered many moons ago, or so I thought. So, I decided that I would be myself here too.

I decided I wouldn’t worry about speaking a certain way, I wouldn’t worry about people not getting my funny comments, and I wouldn’t worry about people that I know catching a glimpse of what I am doing on my own corner of the internet. This means something to me, like everything else I choose to do, and I knew I had to treat it as such.

I made sure I truly believed in myself and knew that I wouldn’t allow “what- if’s” to control what I do here. I’m not even using photo editors on myself as I know tons of people do. I want to be myself and that means that my community sees the real me as well. Now if I have a photo, like the one in my sidebar, that needs a background taken out or lighting fixed I will totally do that, but if I have a big fat “zit-a-roo” on my cheek one of my pics, you will most likely see that too. I am here for support, wisdom, to grow, and not to show my booty and flaunt things that are made up and not really a part of my life. Unfortunately, zit-a-roos are a part of real life!

For The Record, and Before I Continue…

When it comes down to it, in my daily life and within this community, I want to be as open and realistic as I possibly can. I think it will really build a solid foundation in which we all, as a parental community, feel welcome and understood so much so that we can be ourselves here. No fronts, no beating around the bush, no “I’m a better parent than you are” because we are equal in this crazy parenting situation that we have somehow found ourselves in. This is very important to me.

“Just Be”- this is a motto of mine that I started using in my life years ago. Probably about 6-7 years ago. I have heard of it other places since then, but I definitely thought this up myself as it applied to my lifestyle at the time and I am not trying to claim ownership of the saying, in case someone actually has claimed ownership elsewhere.

One of my main Intentions for this Tribe is to be completely open and true to myself as I give you valuable information and help guide you on your path to a happier lifestyle! Staying true to oneself is a huge part of my personal care routine and I strive to make sure I stay on that same path no matter what I am doing in my life. I refuse to worry about the way I word things or the way I speak about something or the way I phrase my examples and explanations. I feel as long as you get what I am laying down, I must be doing something right.

Another intention I have for this tribe is to reach out to as many people through the members and seek out people in my local hometown as well that may not have support or that may need to be invited to a community such as this! The people that my information and/or services will apply to will find me and will stick around for the long haul. These will be the people that will help shape this community into what we all need at any specific time. This is why I will be creating questionnaires and forms, asking for advice, asking for suggestions, answering questions through email and featuring my readers’ ideas.

I am aiming for the community to have a voice as well. Another Intention I have for this Tribe is to Listen and understand your questions, your suggestions, and your advice that you will be voicing here as well. If I don’t understand something clearly or I need more input on a comment to get a clearer picture I will ask and I will listen. We will adapt and grow together as parents and as individuals. This is all about the parent as an individual and how we can succeed at doing things we “think” we can’t do because we have children (along with a ton of other topics, ideas, and highlights).

This will be a very special community as we grow and the community that grows with me will be just as special as what we stand for. You can expect me to give advice and explanations about things that I have either experienced first hand or that I feel strongly about. I will only promote items and products that I have a personal experience with or that I hand make myself. If I am not associated with something, you won’t find it on my pages.

My point…

Let your family know that you are fighting for something. Let your kids see all the things you work toward. Be a role model for them by showing them that they don’t have to put their dreams and goals on the backburner either! Show them that you are a human just as much as they are, and this goes for anyone, it doesn’t have to be your kids. It could be a loved one that thinks you’re already under a lot of pressure and that if you added another task to your list of daily “To-Do’s” you might go under and drowned. Show them that you ARE drowning right now, not being able to pursue your dreams is drowning you. Giving you tangible resources to better prepare yourself in dealing with negativity during your personal growth is another Intention I have for this Tribe!

All you need is a little support. Creating a community filled with trust and support is an intention I have for this Tribe! All you need is a tiny sacrifice from them after all the huge sacrifices you have given to them, day after day, and now you need them to do the same. And the kicker is this…it will usually be temporary because once you start working on your goals and getting the hang of the required routine, tasks, and resources, you won’t need so much support and things will come naturally.

The good thing about this is that once they start helping you and sacrificing a little time here, in the beginning, so you can work on your writing, or running, or whatever your goal may be, they will be used to doing it and they will watch you progress, they will see how happy you become, and they will start to wonder if they can do the same.

Growth is addictive. Growth for all our community as a whole is one of the intentions for this Tribe! It is something everyone wants to do, and they won’t want to stop supporting you because they will want to join you. Sometimes you must make changes for yourself first in order to let others know that it’s okay to do the same. It’s crazy how much people are scared of change.

Right now, I am forcing myself to change and I am forcing myself to go after my dreams and goals in life because if I don’t do it now, when will I? Do it now and just go with the flow. It will be hard at first, everything new always is. That’s the sweetness of it and that’s what will keep you going in the end. Pay attention to the way things change around you because of what you are doing with your life.

I am a Stay-At-Home-Mother of four. There are things I have been through, failed at, conquered, and am still learning about in my journey of Motherhood. I am sure many others have experienced or been through similar events or know someone that has, and I hope to reach out and lend a helping hand, give advice, and gain more wisdom through making my own experiences public. I started this blog in order to reach other mothers (or fathers) that may be struggling or experiencing some of the same things I have been through.

Maybe I will reach other S.A.H.Ms that want to be more than just a mother. Living every day only for her family and feeling like the dreams she has must be placed on hold “until the kids grow up”. I am here to tell you, in particular, that your dreams and goals for your own life do not have to be placed on. One of my biggest intentions for this Tribe is to give you all courage and support on your path to success and help you find resources that you may need to keep moving forward on your journey!

The emotions that you feel you can’t control have a positive place in your life and future. The people that you try so desperately to please (where are my people pleasers?) at the drop of a hat, they don’t need your immediate attention. You can finish drawing your picture, you can finish vacuuming your rugs, and you can finish reading that last chapter before you jump up an run to their rescue. Do you have someone that drops what they are doing for YOU? Probably not. And you are still alive, right? Of course, you are because you became independent through this tiny example in your life.

I have gotten to the point where I don’t even ask for help, and this is not a positive thing, just because I was such a people pleaser that I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone else with the “petty” needs or wants in my life. I figured if I can ask someone else to do it, why can’t I do it myself? This is the wrong perspective because if I would have asked other people for help I could have gotten even more accomplished and felt even better about myself. These are some of the reasons I have started this blog/ support community. These are some of the defining moments in my life that created my main Intentions for this Tribe!

The topics I plan to write about are endless, but they will all have a lot to do with parenting, children, goals and dreams, relationships, emotions, and ways that all of these things intertwine. I will also have posts about crafts and hobbies and a little bit about my own life experiences. I plan to write about my life experiences because I want to use them to validate the fact that you can be more and do more than you are today. You can be the person you have always been dreaming of. You can become the person you have been putting on hold for everybody else. All you have to do is believe in yourself, take the steps you need to take for your specific goal/s, and don’t give up. You can’t fail at anything unless you fail at trying.

I really hope to connect with a community of parents that are not afraid to be open and honest about their dreams and goals. Communication is a huge Intention I have for this Tribe. I want to build strong relationships that help bring out the best in everyone! If we all work together and ask for help there is nothing we can’t do. This is a judgment-free community where parents can openly discuss the things they don’t want to discuss with anyone else out of fear of being judged. Trust me, my past is full of these types of stories. Some recent and some from years ago, when I was a completely different person. It is possible to change. It is possible to control your own destiny and become the person you want to be. Big or small. Introverted or extroverted.

I am a full-fledged introvert. Another one of my intentions for this Tribe is to make sure all of our introverted members get to voice whatever is on your little hearts and minds! I feel so strongly about helping and supporting other mothers and fathers, I believe in what is being built here so much that I am going to start putting myself out there on social media soon.

Once I get my blog up and to the right standards that I hope I can get it at, once I am comfortable with my launch and I feel like I have all the blanks filled in, I will start a new Facebook page and maybe even a Twitter account.

I have been through so many different experiences and conquered so many battles in my life that I feel it would be a disservice to not share the content I will be sharing in my articles, to not share the support I could be lending to others that need it or that can’t find it within their family or friends.

After everything I have learned and everything I have experienced, I have to give back to the world by helping others who are struggling with finding themselves or struggling with being true to themselves. I have to give some of my advice, based on experience and personal struggles, to build people back up from a bad experience or a situation that may have made them feel like giving up.

I know what it feels like to think the world is at your back and you are running full force in the opposite direction just to find a quiet hidden place to catch your breath and just gather yourself for a moment. So I want to reach out and just be here for others that feel like they don’t have that shoulder to lean on in their own environment.

Emotions are real. Motherhood emotions are not always understood (as well as Fatherhood emotions), and I hope we can all get together, here, and help each other understand a little bit more about both! What does it feel like to be a S.A.H.M? As a working mother, what does it feel like to be away from your children? What does it feel like to be a father? Or a single parent? Some people are perfectly fine keeping all of these truths and experiences to themselves, but some people need someone to talk to about these things without worrying about judgment being placed on them.

Intentions For This Tribe- My Only Guideline

The only thing I ask is this: If you know you can’t participate in a judgment-free community, if you don’t think you can read stories about the heartaches of how another parent feels for doing something they regret in their past, and/or if you plan to join this community ONLY to read another parent’s regrets or struggles in order to place judgment and/or degrade them…please…Leave now. My last Intention for This Tribe is to keep it Judgement Free as best as I possibly can. I will be on top of all of the comments and I will delete any comments that are degrading and insulting to another parent. I will also ask my Tribe members to help out in the process of filtering out the people that are not here for a serious life Transformation or Support or to help out in the Support other parents.

PLEASE READ THIS STATEMENT: You do NOT have to be a parent to come to this Tribe for support. I will base my articles and content form a parent’s Perspective but these guides, advice, and support system can be used in any avenue or walk of life.

Other than that- I hope you have a general idea of what my Intentions are for this Tribe! Enjoy the site and I hope to become great friends with you all!

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