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Does Your Child Like To Read?

UPDATED Version!!! 9.22.2019

Encourage Your Child To Read More Often

If your child likes to read but you seem to be having trouble finding fun and interactive ways to encourage them more often keep reading. My oldest son hates to read. He is a good reader but dislikes, well, anything to do with learning, actually. My other two young-ins like to sit in my bed, like me, with a book (usually upside down) and pretend they are reading. They look at the pictures and make up a story as they go along or they try to retell one of the stories I have read to them in the past. I love seeing them so engaged with books because I am a lover of all things learning! One thing we all know for sure is that if we make anything seem fun the kids will welcome it with open arms! Another thing that helps is to let the child feel empowered. Let the child have the “say- so” in activities so he/she believes that he/she is running the show.

Below are a few ideas you can use to start introducing your child to books or make it more of a new interactive “fun-time” that they will be excited about.

Encouraging Your Child To Read: 1st Step= Books

  • Choose appropriate books for your child’s age and reading level
    • >>> The 5 Finger Rule <<< Choose a book and open it to any page and have your child start reading. Every time your child doesn’t know a word put up one finger. If you have to put up more than 5 Fingers before the end of the page, this book is too hard for your child.
  • Of course, you want to allow your child to choose their favorite types of books. If your child seems very interested in balloons but doesn’t care much for kittens you would most definitely want to choose the balloon book. I say this because I thought I would buy a book for my son once and it was not a topic he disliked. I thought if he sat to read about it it would interest him a bit more and how would come to like that subject. It didn’t work and the book is still brand new, never opened.
  • Use a variety of reading materials!
    • Books
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Comic Books
    • E-Readers
    • FlashCards
    • Food Labels
    • Cereal Boxes
    • Street Signs
    • Anything with words!
  • Call out at random (appropriate) times, “What does that say?” and see if you can make a game out of it! It’s a fun and rewarding surprise when they get it right and if they don’t get it right just laugh it off! This is what I do so they don’t get discouraged and 100% of the time they laugh with me.

Make Reading A Part Of Family Time To Encourage Your Child To Read More Often

If you already love to read and struggle to find the time this tip will also be a great tool for you, too. You can catch up on your own reading while encouraging your little one/s to read in a few of these activities.

  • Create a “Comfy Zone” just for reading activities. Whenever you are in the “Comfy Zone” everyone must have reading material in hand, whisper, and sit down. This will also be a great exercise to teach your child how to behave in the library (or anywhere else for that matter). Which brings me to my next activity!
  • Go to the public library. The kids will love the children’s reading section and they can implement their “whisper skills” here as well. Let him/her feel like they already know how to behave in a library and let him/her shine with pride for being a great library participant.
  • Play a board game. Have them read the directions, have them ready any of the cards that may be a part of the game. Allow them to keep score or write down requirements for the game. Even if there are zero you could let them think they are doing something important and that they are in charge of an important part of the game’s process. This is just one way to combine reading with writing in case you would like to do this, too!
  • Have your child hold and read the grocery list to you while you are shopping. Take the child to the shelf that has the item you are looking for (if you can find it on a shelf about there height) and let them look at the word on the list and try to find the item on the shelf. You may need to help guide them at first, but eventually, they will remember where most of the items are located. (Train that future grocery shopper to help you!) haha
  • Let your child read a recipe with you and cook together.
  • Read bedtime stories

You would be surprised at how quickly your child/ren will start to pick up on words and how quickly they will want to read things just randomly! They will see words all over the place and start reading them out loud to practice on their own! Praise is so very important in anything you are trying to teach your child to do on their own. Be sure you have something in mind for rewards and little moments of “yay”!

Encourage Your Child To Read By Reading With Them and Making It Fun & Interactive

  • Point to the words while you are reading and have your child point to the words as they are reading.
  • Read a sentence and have your child repeat it back to you. If your child is able to point at each word as they are being repeated back then encourage the child to do this. It will help with visual memory.
  • Take turns reading sentences or pages.
  • If using an E-Reader, phone, or tablet let the child swipe the pages. You can also have the words highlighted while listening to an audiobook! This would be great for a child to follow along with. Change the speed settings to slow reading speed and let your child follow along on the device. This way you don’t have to be the one reading and pointing in case you have things you need to catch up on! I suggest doing this sparingly because the special bond you get with your child and the way that it makes your child feel while you sit and read with plays into how encouraged they will be to continue to learn. “If Mommy (or daddy) does it then I want to do it, too!”
  • I have also used coloring books that have stories in them and before I let my little ones color the picture they must read the page first! They tend to like this a lot.

Check For Understanding

  • Talk about the story as you read it and ask questions:
    • “What do you think this story is about?” (or what will happen in this book?)
    • Ask questions and make comments during the reading process.
    • “What do you think will happen next?”
    • “What happened on the last page?” (I forgot)
    • “What does this story remind you of?” (another book, family member, friend, etc.) Make connections with the story.
    • “How do you think this character feels right now?”
    • Have your child repeat the story back to you in the correct order of events after the book is finished.
    • What was the problem in this story?
    • How did the character feel when…? Why?
    • Read the same book multiple times. Repeated reading helps build reading fluency!

Online Resources, Fun and Interactive Websites, Books, Books, and Books! You can find Free and Paid versions in this list. Use this list for more interactive fun Encourage Your Child To Read!


free resources Starfall starfall.com pic

www.starfall.com– This site has a ton of free resources that you can use at home!


reading resource speakaboos.com

www.speakaboos.com -A reading app with a free trial! Ages 2-6/ Free Trial Includes 200+ Stories & Songs-Real Time Progress Reporting with the Premium Version.


link to reading resource

www.spellingcity.com– The free membership allows the use of the Spelling Lists. It will not record anything your child does or give you any access to the rest of the site. BUT- When I signed my kids up for it I received a 14-day Premium Membership Benefit- No credit/debit card required! Check it out!

WeGiveBooks.Org (Facebook)

wegivebook.org resource pic

www.wegivebooks.org (Links to their Facebook)- This is an amazing community that gives books to people digitally! You can print them, too!

Weebly- Interactivesites.weebly.com

resource for reading

http://interactivesites.weebly.com– Multiple subjects to interact with on this site. This is not only for reading but for education in general! Who doesn’t love that?

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