Contact Me

Please, feel free to reach out to me for anything. If you need a friend to chat with about parenting or Self-Discover, I’m your Momma. Want advice on a more personal level? Email me. If you need to ask me any questions about the services I offer contact me below.

Once I receive an email, it’s time to Rock-N-Roll!

I check my emails daily and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If I am swamped with emails it may take 24 to 48 hours, but I will do my best. If this is an emergency and you need to speak with me quickly, please put some caps in the subject line of an email through your personal email account to and put something like [mommabearadvicereachout].

I want to get to know all of my village friends! Most importantly, I value trusting and personal relationships with my villagers in the community. Therefore, I am willing to put in the effort if you are!

If you want to “click- in” to gather some info and “click- off”, that’s fine, too. No grudges here! If I can reach one person per day and be of some help, I’m a happy MommaBear!