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This is a display page of the projects I create! I hope you like them all and if you have any ideas or would like any personalized creations just send me an email! I am a sort of “Jack of all trades”. I do woodburning, woodcarving (Dremel), painting, carving & creating stamps, embossing, home decor, and more!

Wood Burning Creation wood burning creation

Created 9/9/19

Self-Care wood burnt plaque 9.9.19

Created September 2019

home decor creation home decor creation

A Work in Progress! 9.15.2019

painting creation

I wanted to do a “paint by number” to give me a better feel for a more detailed paint project!

If you like editable/downloadable content I love creating new and different designs, charts, graphs, templates, organizational filing systems, cover pages, and writing ideas. If you need something typed up I’m your girl! It seems easier to write for someone else than a personal piece for myself. Not sure why, but people seem to jive with my ideas whenever the opportunity arises to put my ideas on the table.

One of my future goals (that which I am in the process of creating now) is to create a Planner for busy moms (and/or dads) with more than one child. It is a process as there are so many categories that resonate with the “mom” title. What most people fail to understand is that we are not ONLY moms. We are a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, and an employee, and a woman with a dream of her own, as well as so much more. I want to integrate this into my Planner and make all of our roles accessible to us as either a set of planners that we can carry in a small satchel or one big Planner that we can arrange and rearrange in whichever fashion we need at that given moment in our lives. I don’t know how many Planners I have bought just so I can keep track of all of my “roles”, separately. I have so many things going on in my life, I abbreviate a ton of it, and if I were to keep track of it all in one single book…well…it would not be very legible. Maybe it’s a personal issue? Maybe. (<-not conversating with myself on my blog…at all) ha!

Please share your own creations with me! I love art and seeing others creating things, too!

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